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New Permissions

Hi there!

Yes I know it’s June now  but this IS the May 2012 Top Tip!

I have been given gentle reminders that May’s Breath of Fresh Air Blog and newsletter is a little late as it’s well into June! Of all the things I’m getting better at (at last) is turning as many of my day to day experiences into ‘learns’ as I can. You may be asking how I could possibly turn missing a routine into a ‘learn?’

Well, I’ve known about the idea of New Permissions from my counselling training and never really done anything about it. So, you were probably like me juggling a hundred things before the Jubilee weekend.

I said to myself Kate (I often talk to myself and I recommend it by the way) “How many people will be ringing you, emailing you and Tweeting about the fact they haven’t received your May Breath of Fresh Air? “ A little voice said “Absolutely no one. They’ll all be thoroughly preoccupied with their own stuff family, friends and festivities. The last thing on their mind will be my Breath of Fresh Air. “

So I said out loud: “I’m going to do a time freeze on this and give all my emotional energy to cooking for loved ones, getting the house straight and giving all my attention to the NOW.”

New Permissions are about breaking our self-set rules from choice, with a considered 360 degree evaluation of implications and a decision which releases anxiety. Feel the control and the release of emotional tension!

Hang on, there is a tomorrow – I’ve just remembered!

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