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Be Memorable Not Forgettable in Business

The 6 keys to powerful client rapport

A series of half-day unforgettable workshops designed to help you be confident and in control with every customer and business situation you meet. This programme is ideal for:

  • All levels of staff within SMEs from the CEO to the crucial first client contact roles
  • Those making the move from the top level corporate to the small business world
  • Those considering or just starting a business
  • And indeed full time employees who want to give themselves what I call ‘the edge’ for promotion in their current role and in their career.

The Programme will give you a first class balance of underpinning theory so that you understand what you’re currently doing and so know how you can change to be even more effective. The down to earth practical skills and solutions will help you build better and longer lasting relationships with your clients leading inevitably to repeat business.

Remember – we can’t influence others until we can influence ourselves.

Phase 1

Key 1 – First impressionsImagine feeling so confident that you are able to

  • ‘Suss’ clients out and get on their wavelength
  • Know yourself so well you can change your behaviour and language to make them feel completely comfortable talking with you
  • Look forward to meetings and enjoy the feelings that being in control brings
  • Know what to look for in people’s behaviour and how to respond to each encounter

Key 2 – Influencing through questioning and the use of language

  • Getting high quality information with ease by finding out what people are not telling you
  • Conversation control skills to keep meetings focused and save time
  • Skills to influence people’s frame of mind, positively (and the opposite!)

Key 3 – Really understand what motivates your client to work with you

  • Apply the powerful skills and understanding of what makes your client feel good about working with you from the ‘Strength Deployment Inventory.’ How to lose your client’s rapport, easily!

Key 4 – The powerful model of Transactional Analysis:

  • Why do I behave with clients and others as I do?
  • Recognising this in business to influence our outcomes positively

Key 5 – Behaving differently – even more Transactional Analysis

  • What we can do differently to get the relationship working well again
  • Handling emotional exchanges in business

Key 6 – NLP in business:

  • Feeling the professionalism that comes when you influence others with integrity
  • Introduction to NLP in business – the bits of NLP to use in business

Phase 2

Key 7 –Transactional Analysis – Bringing it all together

  • All about Life Script and how it influences our behaviour with clients and others
  • Unconscious Working Styles

Key 8 and 9 –NLP – A Business Route – So which bits of NLP can I use in a business context?

  • Invisible NLP – A ‘no fuss’ overview of the key areas of NLP in business.
  • Selected tools and techniques that will be of most use to you with your clients.

Key 10 – Creative Problem Solving with NLP and TA– A busy and practical session

  • Perceptual Positioning (from NLP) – walking in your client’s shoes.
  • Synectics – a first class way of including all your team in solving a problem (from TA)

Key 11 – The 3 Golden Keys to Personal Power – Life changing

  • Personal Values and Beliefs
  • Personal Direction Statement
  • Personal Metaphor

Key 12 – Developing our own Toolkit

  • This session will be used to develop further the exciting and useful ideas which have grown as we have worked together as a group!

Phases 3 and 4 take these skills to an even more advanced level for the enhancement of client relationships; this means that your business grows with you.  The content of each is developed with your business needs in mind.

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