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Issue 1:10 Top Tips to Win Business with RAPPORT

Rapport is money! We need it most in business when we have least of it. Getting Rapport is Opening the Door…Flexibility is Turning the Key. This is why I’m delighted to share these Ten Top Tips for Success which seriously help you win rapport, control the conversation and develop long-term rewarding client relationships.

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Issue 2: 10 Top Tips to Win MORE Business – WASH YOUR LANGUAGE!

Effective communication is more than just the gift of the gab. Read these 10 Top Tips to discover how effective rapport builders use ALL the verbal and non-verbal tools available to them.  Equipped with these you will be sensitive, empathetic and acutely conscious of the impact you have on other people and I guarantee you will have more rewarding personal and business relationships.

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Issue 3: 10 Top Tips to Win MORE Business – HOW TO BREAK RAPPORT

Sometimes we need to know how to break rapport! I’m sure you’ve experienced that pivotal moment when someone sits down opposite you on a potentially long train journey. They arrange their belongings, smile , catch your eye then launch into immediate conversation?  Are you that person with I WILL LISTEN TO YOU scrawled across your forehead…. then read on!

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So far in this series we’ve talked about developing rapport with other people; in business, personally and socially. However we’ve spent very little time looking at how to develop it with ourselves.  This time I’ve turned the tables with the following 10 Top Tips and focused on self awareness and establishing rapport with ourselves in the first instance…. read on to find out how!

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