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Launch of new website

For the past 10 years, like a little kid outside a sweet shop, I have always been looking through the window at what I could have – watching other people go in and buy their sweets and come out munching happily. What do I mean by this? Well, I have looked with yearning at all the wonderful websites people are developing, aware that whilst I have a long established business with plenty of business and miles on the clock; my website was cheap and cheerful – home made if you like. It reminded me of when I was a little girl at parties where I was wearing a homemade dress and the others were in posh frocks.

I have always been aware that just having a posh frock doesn’t mean you can deliver the business, but that’s the part I know I’m good at – I should really after 30 years! However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have the sparkly frock as well!

Just like looking through the window of the sweet shop, I needed somebody to take me by the hand and lead me in to the shop and help me choose which sweets I wanted, especially as I didn’t want the same as everyone else. This is where my trusted Team KRA come in – who are they, you may ask?

Well, that first person to see me outside the shop, take my hand and stand me in front of the counter, and make sure that I was clear on what I wanted and that I wasn’t overwhelmed or overindulged was Michaela Hardwick at Beyond Expectation. We met when she attended my “Be Memorable Not Forgettable in Business Programme” some 2 years ago and we’ve been firm friends and business colleagues ever since.

The lovely Nicola Brown, fabulous graphic designer from In The Shed is a pioneer of my public programmes and has completed 18 sessions – I’m sure you can imagine the depth of our friendship over that time. She had done a little design work for me over the years which I have loved but having the opportunity to ask her to develop my new brand and design my website from scratch has been magical – she is the only person who I would trust with this challenge, she reflects my essence.

Nicola and Michaela introduced me to the third member of Team KRA, Kirsty Burgoine, whose wizardry as a web developer they waxed lyrical about – say no more. Kirsty has also now started my programme and I have discovered that she has some truly amazing skills – one of her greatest strengths is her ability to combine the left and right brain. She applies her left brain logic to the techie bits and her magical powers of right brain creativity to complete the package – an awesome combination!

I am so very proud of my new website and my trusted team and I do really hope you enjoy visiting it again and again – I’m excited about using my website and blog to share my thoughts and experiences with you and leave you each time with a “new learn.” After all, this satisfies the “people gardener” in me.

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