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Are things picking up in the Corporate Training world?

Things picking up in the corporate worldInteresting times! My corporate work is gaining momentum with 3 blue chip companies being added to my client base within the last 2 months. These have been clients who have been delegates on my corporate programmes over the years. One indeed was some 10 years ago who was an HR officer at the time and is now HR Manager for the UK and Developing countries.

My corporate work was always the main thrust of my coaching and training business. With the demise of the economy however, this did slow down about 3 years ago as everyone experienced. This gave me the opportunity to maximise a Friday morning hobby! This was a once a month event where I gathered some local business owners and delivered what is now my “Be Memorable Not Forgettable in Business” series. Through networking, this single event grew into what are now 9 different groups. This is an extremely rewarding time meaning that I now have 2 successful arms to my business.

The new corporate work which is coming through for me is all from previous contacts and participants who have developed their careers and are now in significant positions of authority. What lessons can we take from this? Well, the first noticeable thing is that this clearly shows that I practice what I preach – I am not forgettable! The second is that advertising isn’t necessary for my line of work. The other factor is that this shows that blue chip corporate organisations are starting to invest money in developing their staff – a very encouraging sign for us all!

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