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Naughty Words – Clean up your language!

Words powerfully influence our performance – wherever we are and whatever we are doing. I do my best to be memorable so here are 4 naughty words which are designed to make you feel guilty! If you avoid using them in your head, out loud and towards others then you will make decisions or take action instead of feeling guilt. Those on my programmes will know the risqué way of remembering them and here are the repeatable ones for general consumption!

  • Must

Instead of saying or thinking “I must start that report“, make a decision as to when it will be done and say/think “I will do that the report on Wednesday at 10am.”

  • Should

Instead of saying/thinking ‘I should see Jane about her appraisal“ make an appointment for the appraisal now.

  • Ought

Instead of saying/thinking “I ought to get those stats to Finance” becomes “I will send the stats to Finance by 5pm.”

  • Try ( which is really a cop out and forewarns  you won’t )

Instead of thinking/saying “I’ll try to come to that (boring) meeting”, consider whether it’s a need or a want and say yes or no!

Do it or don’t. Decide! And avoid that awful guilty feeling. As the great Yoda said “Do or do not; there is no try.”

For more on clean language and helpful thinking, please do read my blog if you haven’t already –  Captain and Crew.

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