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Learn to analyse your performance

Learn to analyse your performance. Ask yourself – are you an enthusiastic amateur or a competent professional? …..

After each client interaction, can you honestly say what skills you used to make the contact a success? Or are you able to identify what went wrong? We’ve all had those moments haven’t we, when we realise things are going from bad to worse. What if you had a repertoire of skills to access and regain the rapport. People feel more comfortable with people who are most like themselves. Here’s my top 3 for the first interaction either face to face or on the phone:

  • How fast are you talking? Is your mind racing with what you want to say and so you are unaware that you’re talking too quickly? If you’re lucky, your client is a fast talker too but if they are not, do you realise that you are likely to be turning them off. The best way to get and then keep rapport is to reflect the speed of your client (not to mimic them!) You have literally seconds on the first encounter to gauge their speed and that includes on the phone – use this time wisely!
  • Your success is hidden in what your client is not telling you. We call this the ‘unspoken’. Your ability to find out their values around your product/service by asking the right questions and listening for their *hot buttons* is the key to mutual success.
  • One of the most powerful ways to get rapport is to establish an area of commonality with your client. This could be something completely unrelated to the business in hand. Perhaps you play the same sport, enjoy the same music, attend the same network group and so forth. Be attentive to messages all around you – whether it be something they say, photographs on the desk/wall or trophies. They may trigger your own interests or lead into deeper conversation where you then find your commonality.



  1. Kate Rigby says:

    Hi Kay

    I’m so pleased you found the time spent reading my blogs helpful. The one you found most useful is in the area of developing Rapport and it’s the one we will be covering on our NWS Pick ‘n’ Mix session in more detail!

    See you soon Kate x

  2. Kay Heald says:


    I’ve just been catching up with your blogs (and a cup of tea) – interesting, witty and thought-provoking. I think this one had the biggest impact – as a fast talker (particularly when nervous)I will be doing more self-analysis from now on! Many thanks

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