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Change myself and my business changes with me

Interesting concept this one!

This morning I was thrilled to hear how a manager on one of my personal development programmes had consciously altered the way he managed with remarkable results. During our Programme he began to realise just how much he dismissed people because of his ‘Hurry Up’ tendencies. Phone calls from his staff and customers had been an irritation to him as they interrupted what he was doing. He leaked this irritation in his tone and demeanour. It wasn’t doing him any favours.

We agreed he would transform his language when answering his phone from “Is it a quick one/Make it quick/I’ve only got a minute” to “I am heading to a meeting/I’ve been asked to finish this report  before midday so I’ve got a minute. Is that going to be enough or shall we talk later after the meeting?” Give a genuine reason why you are limited for time. It helps people to empathise with you. People like to know why. He says there is a marked difference in the way people now respond to him. He feels calmer and in control.

He greeted an aggressive customer who gave out all the leakage that he was spoiling for a big argument, not with aggression as he had before but with a cross transaction “Hi. Good to see you” and chatted about family. The man’s demeanour slowly changed as he was invited into a more constructive ‘state.’

We can’t change others. We can invite others to change though if we first seek to change ourselves. It needs to be a conscious effort. It would really help you now to look at another Top Tip……….. Learn to Analyse your Performance

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