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Avoid too much salt on your chips!

Avoid too much salt on your chips! We’ve all had the experience where the salt cellar top has fallen off and ruined our meal – I know I have……..

Let me run this little story past you. Many years ago as a young French teacher, I needed an old car. How many people would buy an old banger of a car from a salesperson on the strength of their profession? I did – why? Because I am a very trusting person and that’s great and I have no intention of changing. What I need to address is to be a bit more sensitive to the context within which I place that trust. In this particular context, trust became gullibility – which led me to buy an old French banger for no other reason than I taught the language. This was the point when the salt cellar lid well and truly fell off (much to the amusement of my friends) and I had too much salt on my chips!

Are you a naturally enthusiastic person? Enthusiasm and being keen for the business is good, it’s great to be passionate but are you so keen that you are unwittingly being ‘over the top’ and in ‘in their face’? If so, you will risk scaring them off – this is yet another example of “too much salt on the chips”.

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  1. Sally Lawson-Cruttenden says:

    Lovely, Kate, thank you. I am really enjoying your website and blog!

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