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Video Testimonials

I’m very proud of what existing and previous clients have said about me and would like to share some of their comments with you…

Derek Field – Fieldsearch

And this is what he said:

Hi my name is Derek Field and I run a recruitment and headhunting business, but very importantly last week I went to a business session with Kate Rigby, a lady in Shrewsbury organised it, it was a 3 hour session and it was absolutely fabulous. I learned a great deal of things about customer facing skills, a little bit about Neuro Linguistic Programming, improving my presentation capability. And she’s running this course, it’s 6 months, 1 session a month at 3 hours a time and the first session is usually free and that will compel you to go along to the next ones. She really is very good, I strongly strongly recommend you take 3 hours out of your life and improve your life by going to Kate Rigby’s sessions. Thanks very much.


Julie Owen – Jigsaw Business Services

And this is what she said:

Hi I’m Julie Owen and I run Jigsaw Business Services. I’d like to talk about Kate Rigby from Kate Rigby Associates. I’m about, next week, to attend her third course. So far, it’s been absolutely phenomenal, I’ve learnt so much about myself, how to interact better with clients. And when things aren’t going quite so well with a client, how to sit down with them and communicate with them. It’s all about language – positive language and it’s been phenomenal and I want to continue learning as the courses continue. So I recommend everybody speak to Kate Rigby and get some extra support.

Heather Noble – Salt Solutions

And this is what she said:

Hi I’m Heather Noble from Salt Event Solutions, a corporate event planner based near Oswestry. I recently attended one of Kate Rigby’s “Be Memorable Not Forgettable in Business” workshops, it’s one of a series of 5 and it was fantastic. What Kate managed to do was bring together half a dozen people who didn’t know each other terribly well and by the end of that morning we were all bonded and together. What the workshop started to really do for me was to bring to the forefront of my mind, some of the things that I already know but perhaps should be adopting in my business but reminded me that I knew them and helped me to apply them to my business – today and what’s important to me – today. I’m really looking forward to the later sessions where we are going to focus the way we communicate with other businesses, getting our message across – being memorable. So I’m really excited about what Kate’s delivering and I would recommend that anybody, at the very least, try one of her taster sessions, just to see how it could help in your business.

Sue Ashton Green – Ashton Green EFT

And this is what she said:

Hi I’m Sue Ashton Green of Ashton Green EFT and I help tap people out of limitation. I’ve been working with Kate Rigby for quite a time now; I’m on her advanced course. It’s helping me with my interpersonal skills with me and my clients, me and other networking people but also personal relationships. Absolutely brilliant, we have such a hoot! She’s a brilliant teacher explaining what could be very complicated high brain things in very manageable and easy to learn ways – with wonderful cake as well. We have great fun and I recommend them to everybody.


Andy Rao – The Best of Shrewsbury

And this is what he said:

Hi my name is Andy Rao I run a company called the Best of Shrewsbury promoting recommended local businesses. A large part of what I do is building rapport with local business owners. Kate’s course has come in really handy for that – very insightful. Great fun – got to enjoy it at the end of the day as well. It’s taught me lots of valuable tools, valuable insight into how to work well with people – body language, verbal language but also it’s given me ideas I can actually take home and use on my daughters as well – the art of distraction, negative language so it’s been a tremendous course and I thoroughly recommend going to one of Kate’s workshops.

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