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I’m very proud of what existing and previous clients have said about me and would like to share some of their comments with you…

Helen Fairweather

A terrific, warm learning experience with very real personal support for tackling a difficult work situation. I passed on some of the tools to colleagues and they want more!

Usha Dhanesha

This is a great opportunity to be in a cosy caring environment to look at how we respond in our roles in work and business. Every session left me inspired and encouraged to view and change my responses to overcome challenges in the workplace. What is on offer is a truly supportive environment to be yourself and examine issues, limiting behaviours and responses which do not serve us and be the change we would like to see.

Leigh Clarke – Special Additions

Thanks Kate, really enjoyed Friday. Thank you to for sharing your powerful story, it was so moving and really poignant; something I’ll often recall when feeling stuck in a rut and looking for a way to move forward! BIG hugs.

Lesley Long – Your Virtual Organiser

It really works. Knowing the theory was one thing – doing it in practice within a lively experiential environment was another! Thanks to Kate’s techniques and her warm and supportive style I turned around a personally challenging situation and got the results I wanted within 2 months. I kept Kate sitting on my left shoulder where she can whisper in my ear whenever I need a little reminder.

Felicity Owen , Zen Communications

Kate’s ‘Be Memorable Not Forgettable in Business’ programme together with learning about Emotional Intelligence has been a real eye-opener and her technique for building and maintaining rapport have had brilliant results already. I’ve adored the course and can’t wait to come back to the next session.

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