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I’m very proud of what existing and previous clients have said about me and would like to share some of their comments with you…

Noel Carey – West Midlands Safari Park

Kate delivers the course in a way which enthuses you to become a more self-aware individual. This has helped me to consider how others perceive me and to be more in tune with others’ maps of their world!

Melanie Bailey – West Midlands Safari Park

Kate’s course was very insightful not only did we learn skills to use for work but also to use for life.

Mark Brooks – West Midlands Safari Park

NLP, MVS, warm fuzzies, chunk their hot buttons, SDI, strokes. Just some of the techniques Kate has ‘learned’ me! Fantastic course; now to put them into practise to improve my management style, as well as my private life.

Donna Howells – West Midlands Safari Park

A fantastic and informative course. Kate is warm, friendly and passionate and this comes across in training. There has never been a dull moment with lots of fun and games. There has been a ‘learn’ in everything.

Charlie Oakham – Pinehearst Digital

Kate’s energy is infectious and never forgettable! I first met Kate at 4N in Oswestry where she gave a wonderful 10 mins 4Sight on listening, learning and communicating. It was just amazing and has changed the way I talk and communicate with my clients…just from 10 mins!!!

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You may have gathered that my training is unique and it sticks! I have a number of mischievous friends who help me, hover over the photos and get introduced….