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I’m very proud of what existing and previous clients have said about me and would like to share some of their comments with you…

Helen Driver – West Midlands Safari Park

  • Truly inspirational
  • Life without Kate seems a lonely place to be.
  • The training will stay with me for the rest of my life.
  • It’s re-assuring to know that I’m allowed to be me.

Andy Mason – West Midlands Safari Park

A new way of thinking that refreshes. Visions to help us see the bigger world we live in.

James Day – West Midlands Safari Park

Never a dull moment. Always keeping your attention with tricks.

Angela Potter – West Midlands Safari Park

Kate’s course was fab! It was informative and fun and I don’t think I will forget what Kate has ‘learned’ us. It was not at all what I was expecting but all the better for that. Kate is energetic, knowledgeable and fun.

Kim Addison – West Midlands Safari Park

This was definitely a training course like no other – lively, colourful and informative. It has taught me how to improve communication with Senior Management and staff alike. Kate’s approach to managing people is both memorable and effective.

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  • Oh yes – cute, aren’t I?

Meet the team…

You may have gathered that my training is unique and it sticks! I have a number of mischievous friends who help me, hover over the photos and get introduced….