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I’m very proud of what existing and previous clients have said about me and would like to share some of their comments with you…

Debs Murray – Cookie Club Organiser & Director of Everything Services Ltd

We were really pleased when Kate confirmed that she would come and speak at the Cookie Club Business Network.Deborah Murray: Everything Services  The ethos behind the Cookie Club is one of taking away information which will be of use in our businesses in the future but in a relaxed and fun way.  Kate took this to the next level!  Everyone was ultra engaged and left feeling like they had learnt so much that they could then take away and apply to their business in the future.  After the meeting the social media for the cookie club was also buzzing with grateful tweets to Kate for helping them see how they have to act and react to different types of people!  Kate is  a wonderful and inspiring woman who lights up the room and the imagination!  We will definitely want her back in the future and look forward to the follow up workshops she has put on for the Cookie Club.”

Roger Habgood – Divisional Manager, Eurosigns

Kate, you gave the Eurosigns management team a lot to think about,  some things to forget and a lot of things to remember at our development day. I doubt there is a better way of having so much fun at work! The visualisation techniques really do accelerate learning, couple that with the solid rock foundation on which content is built and your energetic engagement and delivery and the whole package came together in a really powerful way for the team. Thank you.

Caroline Richards – West Midlands Safari Park

Lively, thought provoking and stimulating training by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter. Fascinating information that does really help you achieve the most from your team and yourself. Would highly recommend to any company looking to invest on their staff.

Marcus Hyde-Fynn – West Midlands Safari Park

An extremely fun and exciting way of learning skills. Kate’s energy is passed onto her group in everything she teaches in her own fun way. Kate is a must for any budding managers who wish to think outside the box and really look into developing themselves and their team around them.

Sue Kean- West Midlands Safari Park

I have learned so much from Kate’s sessions, and that knowledge is already proving so useful, in both a personal and professional context. Kate’s style and delivery are so unique that the learning is almost effortless, and every session is definitely memorable!

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