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My Approach

Kate's ApproachEmotions are our strongest voices and although clients may forget what you say to them, they never forget how you made them feel. This is one of the most powerful messages underpinning my approach.

People I’ve met in companies, often years after the event tell me they remember my training and they still talk about it! This is a constant source of delight to me. For them, it means that the learning has ‘stuck’ and even better this is evidence of an exceptional value long term investment.

Like me – I’m sure you’ve endured sessions that could only be described as “death by powerpoint.”  My experience has taught me that people learn best when they:

  • Have material presented in a memorable way.
  • Are having fun and enjoying each others’ company as everyone ‘ gets off the world ‘ for a while!
  • Feel at ease without the threat of role playing and having questions directed at them! That’s not my style.
  • Ask things because they are so enthused not because they’re put under pressure!
  • Are actively encouraged to record their learning.
  • Are engaged in the subject matter.
  • Bring along their real experiences, dilemmas and challenges to discuss with the group rather than run through anonymous ‘case studies.’

My approach is well known as truly unique and by spicing things up, using some interesting techniques, stories and my trusty props, I create an environment where you are open to learning and retaining so many more skills and techniques. Your money truly well invested. Oh yes I forgot to mention my freshly made home made cakes!


Two of my trusted props, now you're intrigued, aren’t you?!

These techniques allow you to absorb more and grow your confidence when it comes to questioning skills, interviewing skills and all aspects of business and personal development.

With Kate Rigby Associates we learn on a journey that’s a ‘ breath of fresh air.’

Imagine sitting back at your desk after training and instead of simply closing the drawer on your notes,  feeling excited about when you will get to practice the techniques and how good it will make you feel.

I guarantee you will:

  • Avoid the ‘sheep dip’ approach by paying attention to individual aspects of progress.
  • Convert opinions around personal development from cynical to intrigue.
  • Save money by revisiting and streamlining people skills.
  • Reduce stress and absentee levels through improved colleague communications.
  • Energise your company’s culture through the best assets – its people.
  • Develop creativity with client problem solving and fresh approaches.
  • Increase sales and productivity through the application of NLP in language and rapport.
  • Improve your recruitment process with better selection and interview techniques.
  • Maximise staff retention through increased staff development, motivation and communication.
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Meet the team…

You may have gathered that my training is unique and it sticks! I have a number of mischievous friends who help me, hover over the photos and get introduced….